Tales From Beyond The Tap Book (2015) (hard cover) – SIGNED

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Randy Bachman s Vinyl Tap Stories shared some of the best material from Randy ’s hit CBC Radio show, Vinyl Tap. Here, in Tales from Beyond the Tap, Randy tells more  great stories from a life in rock — all of the fun, hardships, and adventure that haven’t  been featured on the radio show. This is Randy Bachman, unplugged!

Tales from Beyond the Tap gives rock fans a VIP tour of an extraordinary life in music.  Randy has met, and even performed with, almost every musician you can think of, but who are the artists he wishes he had met? The answers may surprise you. What is Randy ’s creative process for writing a hit song, and what is it like working with some of those  famous musicians? When you’ve played thousands of gigs over a fifty-year career, from church basements to Madison Square Garden, most of them become a blur — but there  are some favorite venues. And life on the road is not as glamorous as most people imagine. Randy shares what he ’ s experienced, from station wagons and six-to-a-room motels to custom coaches, jets, and luxury suites. On the road, Randy has seen the Canadian  music scene develop from the beginning, and his thoughts on its evolution will make you appreciate the music even more. Tales from Beyond the Tap offers a rare and exclusive  glimpse behind the man, the music, and the popular CBC radio show.

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