Brave Belt 2

BRAVE BELT CD (1971/1972)

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This double disc collection brings together the two Brave Belt releases recorded immediately after Bachman left The Guess Who. Brave Belt features former singer Chad Allen from The Guess Who as well as C.F. Turner. While this strange hybrid of Canadian country music and American hard rock is a musical stew taking you down various roads, Brave Belt's music would become the basis for the super group Bachman-Turner Overdrive.


Crazy Arms, Crazy Eyes / Lifetime / Waitin' There For Me / I Am The Man / French Kiss / It's All Over / Rock And Roll Band / Wandering Fantasy Girl / I Wouldn't Trade My Girl For A Woman / Holy Train / Anyday Means Tomorrow / Scarecrow / Too Far Away / Dunrobin's Gone / Can You Feel It / Put It In A Song / Summer Soldier / Goodbye, Soul Shy / Never Comin' Home / Be A Good Man / Long Way Round / Another Way Out / Waterloo County / *Hands And Faces / *Shakin' All Over

* denotes bonus tracks on CD version


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