Details On Placing Your Order

We accept credit card payments only. We use Paypal, the world’s largest online secure credit card payment processor, to process your payment. You do not have to set up a Paypal account to use this service. If you have a existing Paypal account you must log in to make payment.

All items in this store are priced the currency noted by the price. The final amount that shows up on your statement will change to reflect the currency rate of your credit card company.

Your invoice total will show any applicable taxes. Items shipped from Canada to a foreign country are not charged tax unless the customer originates in Canada.

All items ship from either our RockPaperMerch U.S. warehouse (by USPS) or our Canadian warehouse (by Canada Post) via First Class on a weekly basis. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery within North America and 5-6 weeks for for international destinations. Please note that you may experience delays on International orders which are beyond our control due to the local postal system and customs office in your home country. If your order does not show up within the time frame above please e-mail us through the CONTACT Form and include your Paypal Order Confirmation information. If your order needs to be expedited to arrive by a certain date please send us an e-mail ahead of time for shipping options.

All postage is based on a flat fee per item rate which includes shipping and packaging charges. Every store is independent so we cannot combine orders from different stores. Your order may arrive in multiple packages at different times as some items may ship from different locations.
Present domestic North American rates are:
$3 per light small item (keychain, guitar pick set),
$4 per small item (CD or DVD),
$6 per apparel item (shirt),
$8 per heavy item (book),
$10 per oversize item (vinyl/hoodie/poster).

International rates are 1.5x North American rates. Due to international postage rates varying erratically from country to country and continent to continent we will review shipping charges on a per order basis and issue partial refunds if shipping charges are deemed excessive. For example, 4 posters may ship together but have an 4 x $10 = $40 postage rate, but only cost $10 to ship. If you would like to request a review please e-mail us through the CONTACT FORM, choose “Postage Review Request” from the dropdown menu, and include your Paypal Order Confirmation information.

You may be charged additional customs and duty fees by your destination country. All charges are the responsibility of the recipient. Rates will vary dependent on the items, value, and country of origin. Contact your local customs office for more information.

We are supplied with items directly from the artist so items may be temporarily out of stock in our warehouse until the artist restocks causing a delay in shipping your order. If by chance you order an item that is no longer available we will contact you to find a suitable replacement or issue a refund. If you wish to order an item that is out of stock please send us an e-mail through the CONTACT FORM to inquire when it may be back in stock.

Returns are accepted within 7 days of receipt provided you have received a Return Authorization Number and the product is in its original condition. Shipping charges are non-refundable unless there is error on our part. If your item is damaged please e-mail us a photo and explanation and we will send a replacement.

– If you get a shipping error when trying to check out it may due to a conflict with items in your cache. Close all websites you have open, delete your temporary files and restart your computer.
– Please note that RockPaperMerch is not directly affiliated with the Artist and cannot answer personal questions, speak on behalf of, or forward inquiries directed to the Artist.

INQUIRIES is an independent subsidiary of Merch In Motion Inc. Any inquires regarding your order, returns, or to obtain additional information on items in this web store should be submitted directly to RockPaperMerch via the CONTACT FORM or e-mail directly to Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. If your inquiry is urgent and you have not received an e-mail response you may call Merch In Motion directly at 519.854.8507 and we will notify RockPaperMerch of your inquiry.